Watch now: Za Evrosong Grand Final in North Macedonia!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,505 views

Good evening Europe, this is Skopje calling! We are heading to the Balkans tonight, namely to North Macedonia for its national final!

How to watch?

You can watch the 2022  North Macedonian national final Za Evrosong at 20:15 CET via the following channels:

About the show

A total of 6 acts will be battling for the golden ticket to Eurovision 2022. The  North Macedonian audience has been voting  for a week. The North Macedonian will be determined via an international jury/public voting deliberation.

The Participants

North Macedonia in Eurovision

North Macedonia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 and is yet to win the competition. FYR Macedonia attempted to debut at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with Kaliopi, but didn’t make through the special premliminary audio semi-final.

The country has competed 21 times in the Eurovision Song Contest and has only qualified to the Grand Final on 9 times. FYR Macedonia achieved its best result in the contest  in 2019 when Tamara Todevska placed 7th in the Grand Final in Tel Aviv.


Cover Photo: EBU