Tonight: The jury show of the second semi-final!

by Eliza-Jane Oliver 1,941 views

After a very exciting live first semi-final last night, today brings the Jury show for the second semi-final, where the artists get a chance to have a full dress rehearsal of the show, and the juries for each country will get to watch the performances and cast their vote.

After an initial dress rehearsal this morning, all acts in the second semi final will perform their songs for the international juries, which consist of music industry professionals and performers. This performance is extremely important as the results from the juries make up 50% of the overall score. You can see the names of all jury members here.

The running order for tonight’s show is

Each jury has been instructed to judge the act based on four categories

  • The vocal capacity of the singer;
  • The performance on stage;
  • The composition and originality of the song;
  • The overall impression of the act.

Only the countries performing in the second semi-final, plus Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom will vote tonight. All countries will get a chance to vote for the winner in the final.

The show will take place at 21:00 CEST (22:00 local time) but as with the first semi-final jury show and other dress rehearsals, will not be broadcast to the public. The public show for the first semi-final will be shown live at the same time tomorrow.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news and results for Eurovision 2019!