Tel Aviv Live: Italy’s first rehearsal is underway

by Stratos Agadellis 797 views

Day 6, let’s go! Good morning Europe and good evening Australia! We are back at the Expo Tel Aviv, as the second rehearsals for the 35 countries competing at the two semi-finals have now well and truly kicked-off! Today a further 11 acts will get on-stage for the second time, while the automatic qualifiers (Big 5 & Israel) will have their first rehearsals!

Following the conclusion of the day’s second rehearsals, the 6 already qualified countries of the competition (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Israel) are all set to take to the stage for the first time, just eight days before the Grand Final.

It’s time for Italy’s Mahmood to get on the stage of Expo Tel Aviv. Mahmood performs with 3 male dancers, who interact with the LED screen in the background. The translation of some of the song’s lyrics in English turns up on the screen, an idea very reminscent of last year’s Italian Eurovision entry, Non mi avete fatto niente. The number ends with the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness”.

Mahmood is wearing black jeans with a decorative chain piece, and a loose fitting oversized white shirt with a pheasant pattern on the front. We don’t know yet if this is his final outfit choice for the stage in Tel Aviv.