Tel Aviv Live: Rehearsals continue with Spain

by Eleanor Cooper 652 views

Day 6, let’s go! Good morning Europe and good evening Australia! We are back at the Expo Tel Aviv, as the second rehearsals for the 35 countries competing at the two semi-finals have now well and truly kicked-off! Today a further 11 acts will get on-stage for the second time, while the automatic qualifiers (Big 5 & Israel) will have their first rehearsals!

Following the conclusion of the day’s second rehearsals, the 6 already qualified countries of the competition (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Israel) are all set to take to the stage for the first time, just eight days before the Grand Final.

The day continued with Miki’s first rehearsal, who is going to represent Spain! The performance begins with showcasing people in their daily routine, with Miki’s song later bringing joy and vitality onstage! This is how they want to explain that even a small change may bring more happiness and optimism in our lives. Miki explains:

We use an action camera to show the audience on the backdrop screen and invite them to join us to the party!

Colorful fingerprints appear on the screens, in order to show that each person in this world is unique.

Video of Spain’s first rehearsal

Miki is all in black, wearing an identical outfit to John Lundvik! He wears plain black trousers, and a black round neck t-shirt, tucked in to his trousers.