Cyprus/Ukraine: Eleni Foureira meets and rehearses with Verka Serduchka

by Stratos Agadellis 3,099 views

Dancing lasha tumbai on… Fuego? Or something like that! With just two weeks left for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, preparations in Tel Aviv and around Europe are in full swing! That’s why last year’s runner-up Eleni Foureira met Verka Serduchka, who had a same Eurovision fortune in 2007!

It has already been unveiled that both acclaimed artists will be flying to Tel Aviv, in order to appear as interval act during the Grand Final! However, they decided not to limit their rehearsals to the contest’s stage.

As reported a few weeks back, Eleni Foureira is set to perform Verka Serduchka‘s Eurovision entry, while the latter will be singing last year’s winning song, Toy by Netta. Thus, could there be a better coach for Eleni than Verka herself? Absolutely not!

The two Eurovision icons had a special meeting, where they enjoyed dancing to the rhythm of Dancing lasha tumbai! Obviously excited, Eleni posted the following video on Instagram, where she commented:

Studying some final moves with the real diva !!! @v_serduchka❤️ see you in #telaviv

Before their taking to the stage on 18 May, let’s recall their Eurovision performances in 2018 and 2007 respectively, which brought both Eleni and Verka one breath away from the coveted victory: