North Macedonia: Skopje stadium to be renamed to Toše Proeski

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It is well known, Eurovision goes way beyond the European music universe and touches many aspects of our daily lives. In North Macedonia the biggest football stadium will be renamed after a former Eurovision entrant. Who?

Skopje, North Macedonia. As announced by different media, the Philipp II Arena will be hereafter known as Toše Proeski Stadium. Toše Proeski represented the landlocked country in Eurovision in 2004 with the song Life.

The stadium has a total capacity of 34,460 seats and is used for football matches, music concerts and athletics events.

Philipp II Arena, Skopje

Regarding this recent decision, the government spokesman of the country, Mile Bosnjakovski, made the following statements on Twitter:

This morning, at the regular government meeting, we decided to rename the stadium in the National Arena Toše Proeski in honor of the person who left a lasting mark on the Macedonian and regional contemporary history.

About Toše

Toše was internally selected by the national broadcaster, while his song was selected through a competition. He took on stage in Istanbul, Turkey, and qualified to the final with the last qualifying spot (10th) of the semi final. In the Grand Final, he conquered the 14th place with 47 points.

After his Eurovision participation, he kept on producing music and topping charts both in North Macedonia and other countries. His life was tragically interrupted in a car accident on 16 October 2007. Thanks to his immense popularity, the Northmacedonian Government gave him the title of “Honorable Citizen of North Macedonia”, and organised state funerals.

Let’s watch again his performance at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest: