Norway: KEiiNO wins Melodi Grand Prix 2019!

by Roy Knoops 2,583 views

After a riveting show, the group KEiiNO won the Gold Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2019 and the ticket to Tel Aviv, representing Norway with the song Spirit in the sky!

It was an exciting evening in Norway! In a spectacular show by broadcaster NRK, we first saw the ten hopefuls performing on stage. The top four, chosen by the international juries and public televoting, faced off in vocal Gold Final. The Gold Finalists were D’Sound and Anna-Lisa Kumoji, and Adrian Jørgensen and KEiiNO.

The Gold Final were won by Adrian Jørgensen and KEiiNO, which advanced to the Gold Duel. After all the public votes were in, the latter was crowned as the victor of Melodi Grand Prix 2019 and will thus represent the Norwegian colours in Israel with the song Spirit in the sky!

Enjoy the Norwegian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

KEiiNO are scheduled to perform Spirit in the sky in the second half of the second semi-final on Thursday 16 May.