Lithuania: Results from Eurovizija 2019 Heat 4

by Stratos Agadellis 689 views

First round complete! Following 4 heat shows, both the public and the appointed jury panel decided to send a total of 24 acts to the semi-finals of Eurovizija 2019, the show that will provide Lithuania with its next Eurovision representative!

With the jury votes already cast, we witnessed another set of 11 acts competing. However, only 6 of them continue their course in the show, and will move forward to the two semi-finals, which are scheduled to be held on 9 and 16 February.

The jury’s and public’s verdict gave the following outcome:

  1. Valerija Iljinaitė – Scars are beautiful (Jury: 2 points, Televote: 1 point, Total: 3 points)
  2. Indrė Juodeikienė – Bad option (Jury: 1 point, Televote: 2 points, Total: 3 points)
  3. Alen Chicco – Your cure (Jury: 4 points, Televote: 8 points, Total: 12 points) – Qualifier
  4. Queens of Roses – Runaway (Jury: 7 points, Televote: 4 points, Total: 11 points)
  5. Živilė Gedvilaitė – Learn from your love (Jury: 7 points, Televote: 5 points, Total: 12 points) – Qualifier
  6. Elizabeth Olshey – Never enough (Of your love) (Jury: 0 points, Televote: 6 points, Total: 6 points)
  7. Gabrielė Rybko – Lay it down (Jury: 3 points, Televote: 0 points, Total: 3 points)
  8. Saulės Kliošas – Laiko mašina (Jury: 10 points, Televote: 3 points, Total: 13 points) – Qualifier
  9. Soliaris – Song of my life (Jury: 7 points, Televote: 7 points, Total: 14 points) – Qualifier
  10. Monika Marija – Light on (Jury: 12 points, Televote: 12 points, Total: 24 points) – Qualifier
  11. Henry & Tommy Modric – Neverpart (Jury: 8 points, Televote: 10 points, Total: 18 points) – Qualifier

LRT will reveal the contestants’ allocation in the two semi-finals in due time. Eurovizija 2019 will return next Saturday with the first semi-final show.

At this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Lithuania will be taking part on the second half of the second semi-final on 16 May.

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