San Marino: “Our Eurovision 2019 entry has been chosen!”

by Stratos Agadellis 2,900 views

San Marino has been working hard in silence and now, just before the dawn of 2019, we have an unexpected news from the country: they went internal and their entrant and song for the upcoming contest have now been selected!

“Best project with a wonderful international artist!”

Through an official press release, the national broadcaster of the microstate of San Marino SMRTV is revealing that the selection process for their Eurovision 2019 entry has now concluded and that they are going to proceed to official announcements within the next few weeks.

Here is the broadcaster’s press release:

San Marino RTV has recently confirmed San Marino will take part in the next Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Israel and now we are very happy to announce that the artist and the song for Tel Aviv has been chosen.

The country’s Head of Delegation Alessandro Capicchioni has stated:

We are soon to host an official press conference in San Marino in a few weeks time, when we will give further details about RTV’s participation. At the moment we are working on the post production of the song and the videoclip.

While the Director General of SMRTV Carlo Romeo adds:

This year we have worked hard on several proposals, as the Israeli edition is important to us for many reasons. Eventually we chose the best project, fully supported and approved with a wonderful international artist. Fingers crossed, but I think we will have a very good entry. Good luck to all our friends and colleagues involved in the organization of such an important TV event, a world-wide event based on a joyous combination of music and dialogue, spectacle and friendship.

Following a long series of relatively poor results in the contest, it all seems that San Marino is optimistic about its future in the competition and will do its best for a successful result with a high position on the scoreboard in 2019.

We’re looking forward to the broadcaster’s press conference!

San Marino at Eurovision

San Marino debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, with the band Miodio and their song Complice. Following a two-year break in 2009 and 2010, they have been participating every year since, and will be celebrating its 10th Eurovision participation in Tel Aviv.

The country has managed to qualify to the final only once, namely in 2014 with Valentina Monetta and her entry Maybe. Eventually, she ended up 24th with 14 points. The said singer has represented the nation a record of 4 times, the latest being in 2017, along with the American distinguished singer Jimmie Wilson.

In Lisbon, San Marino was represented by the duet Jessika and Jenifer Brening, who were the winners of their national selection format 1in360, which was introduced last year. They performed the track Who we are, with which they finished 17th in the 2nd semi-final, thus failing to qualify to the Grand Final.

After Netta’s victory, the 64th Eurovision Song Contest is going to take place on 14, 16 and 18 May at the EXPO Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv, Israel. The contest’s slogan is Dare to Dream.

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