UPD esctoday.com meets Polly Genova in Bucharest

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esctoday.com met this year's Bulgarian Eurovision representative, Polly Genova, in Bucharest, during her official promo tour for Düsseldorf. Polly Genova answered to our questions about her preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest, her career in Bulgaria and her plans for the future.

Polly Genova visited Romania during her official promo tour for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. esctoday.com met the Bulgarian singer at the headquarters of the Romanian television and asked her some questions about her musical career and expectations from Dusseldorf.

You can watch the interview below :

Because of the bad sound quality we also provide a transcript of the interview :

You have been selected by the Bulgarian public and jury to represent your country in Dusseldorf. Did you expected to happen like this?

"No… no… I really didn't expected to be the winner. So it was a great surprise for me and a wish come true."

Bulgaria has little participation history in the contest itself. It debuted in 2005 and have qualified for the final only once in 2007. Do you feel any kind of pressure from the Bulgarian public in order to achieve a better result this year?

"Yeah, for sure, because it's time to a have a good place in the final. I hope… I hope that Bulgaria will be in the final with Romania (she laughs), because I love your song too."

Speaking about the second semi final. You have been drawn at spot number 10. Are you happy with this draw?

"Yes, because it's my number. My birthday date is February 10th so I'm very happy."

Have you listened to the other competing songs in the second semi final?

"Not every song, but I like the Swedish one… the Romanian entry is also very very good (she performs the chorus of "Change") It's a great melody!"

And also you are competing againsttwo former Eurovision winners : Dana International from Israel and Lena from Germany. Do you feel frightened by this?

"No! I'm very happy. I wanna meet them and talk to them, so I'm not afraid. I'm just happy."

Are you planning to visit other countries in your promotional tour?

"Yes, the next country is Netherlands… Macedonia, Serbia… Turkey, but I'm not sure… and Sweden or England."

Speaking about your career. What should the international fans know about your music?

"Not so much, because I'm in the musical show-business of Bulgaria since I was 4 years old. I took part at kids biggest talent show in Bulgaria and to be honest as a kid I was very popular in my country and it was very hard to be in the top. I did it step by step and I'm very glad about that."

That is very interesting as you were a star as a child. Did it affected your childhood in a bad way or a good way?

"I think that in a good way, because I have wonderful memories of all my friends and colleagues. I worked hard in Bulgaria and I made a tour in Europe and actually I had a lot of good memories."

Are you going to release your song as a single in Europe?

"Yes, and I hope I can make an album, a big album… maybe after a couple of months."

If you will win the contest in Dusseldorf, what will be the first thing you will do afterwards?

"I will say : Bulgaria! I'm sure about that because I'm very proud that I'm Bulgarian. I know this would be the first thing I would do."

If you will get a good position this year, would you participate again in the future?

"Maybe if I'll get a good song or I have a good proposal not only in Bulgaria. Maybe some other country. If I will get an invitation why not?"