Belgium: Get to know more about Witloof Bay

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Esctoday had the opportunity to talk to Witloof Bay, the Belgian representative at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Did you know the beatboxer of the a cappella group was the world vice-world champion at beatboxing? Did you know With Love Baby will be performed without any playback track? Read the interview below to get to know more about it.

Hello! Can you first tell us something about the group Witloof Bay? Who are these singers?
Hi! Witloof Bay is an a cappella pop group. Everything what we do, is always without any instruments. We use only our voices. We are 6 members and we come from 5 different provinces of Belgium. We are all professional musicians, first classically trained. We are all involved with music in our life, teaching music, singing, conducting, building instruments and performing in the country and abroad
The beatboxer of our group is RoxorLoops. In 2004 he was champion in Belgium at beatboxing and one year later he finished second at the world champion competition for beatboxing and became famous worldwide for his talent.

You won the huge competition organized by RTBF and Akamusic. How did this idea come up to participate in the Belgian selection and how did you manage to get the maximum points from the jury and the televoters?
We are really happy to have been selected to represent Belgium. We were really surprised about this decision and really happy that we gained the maximum points from the jury and the televoters.
Florence came one day with the idea of trying the competition. It took us only 30 minutes to make the decision to participate. We wrote the song, recorded it and posted it on Akamusic website.
The rest of the story is like a fairytale. We got the maximum of producers (400), got great comments from the jury and the public. We don't know why. We don't want to explain or understand. We're just very happy about it.

Can you tell us something more about the song With Love Baby? Where is this song about?
The message of the song is quite simple: Whatever you do in your life, just do it with love !
It's 100% a cappella. We'll be the only one representative in Düsseldorf to perform on stage without any playback track. Absolutely live!

The preview video clip of With Love Baby has already been released. How are you going to promote the song before Eurovision?
We're trying to meet a maximum of people, to perform in TV or radio shows and answer a maximum of interviews.
We count on our fans in Belgium to motivate their friends abroad to vote for us. We're also giving two exclusive concerts in Brussels (Auderghem Cultural Center) on 13th and 14th of April.
You are all invited to come to discover our world of pop a cappella in a full concert !

All the participating songs for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest are known now. Did you have the chance to listen them? Do you feel a big competition?
I listened to some of them and I must say there are many great songs this year. I'm looking forward to meet all these nice people and share the stage with them.
It’s a great and a very big contest. Our song is very special because we will perform something really different with a lot of beatboxing.

With Love Baby is an a capella song and probably you won’t use instruments on stage. Is there something else you will use on stage in Düsseldorf?
Nothing at all. 100 % live a cappella. I hope people will enjoy our performance and see you in Düsseldorf!

Thank you very muchfor this interview. The team of Esctoday wish you all the best and good luck in Düssedorf!

Belgian entry 2011, Witloof Bay – With Love Baby