The Netherlands: Lenny Kuhr starts crowdfunding for Eurovision jubilee-album

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Ahead of her Eurovision jubilee in 2019, former Dutch ESC 1969 winner Lenny Kuhr has started a crowdfunding to raise money for her new album Het lied gaat door.

Lenny Kuhr was one of the four ESC 1969 winners with her self-composed song De troubadour (lyrics by David Hartsema), an ode to the life and times of a medieval troubadour, with all its ups and downs. A true Dutch troubadour herself, Lenny has been a part of the Netherlands’ music scene since her ESC participation and is looking forward to releasing her 32nd album: Het lied gaat door (“The song goes on”). The album is set for release on 29 March 2019, exactly 50 years after her Eurovision victory in Madrid. Lenny has started a crowdfunding to realise her project:

Lenny Kuhr is well on her way to achieve her funding goal, if you would like to contribute please click here.

Lenny already held a successful crowdfunding for her album Gekust door de eeuwigheid (“Kissed by eternity”) in 2016. For the new album, the artist will work together with guitarist Reinier Voet and Mischa Kool on acoustic bass guitar. Lenny Kuhr has composed and written most of the lyrics herself, although she has also interpreted texts by poet Katja Gebbing and lyricist Hein Stufkens.

(Picture by Mischa Muijlaert)

The crowdfunding will be used for sudio fees, musicians, mixing and mastering, artwork and final printing.

Special vinyl edition

If the crowdfunding is successful, Lenny Kuhr will also release her new CD in a limited vinyl edition, in honour of her first record that she released 50 years ago, which also featured her ESC-entry De troubadour:

The limited amount of vinyl records will be numbered, signed and graced with a personal message from Lenny herself.

Lenny Kuhr at Eurovision 1969

Lenny Kuhr (born Helena Hubertina Johanna Kuhr, Eindhoven, 1950) is a Dutch singer-songwriter. Her musical career started in 1967.

In 1969 she represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid, Spain, with the song De troubadour (“The troubadour”). Lenny Kuhr was one of the four winners, alongside France, Spain and the United Kingdom, the countries placing first in a tie-break with 18 points each. The rules were subsequently changed to avoid such a situation in the future.

In 1980, the singer had a massive hit with the song Visite, a collaboration with the popular French boy’s group Les Poppys.

Lenny Kuhr has released many albums and singles, and frequently performs in small theatre shows.