Turkey : Song title announced

by Alexandru Busa 210 views

The Turkish entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest was presented today during a press conference organized by the country's national broadcaster TRT. Y?�?�?????½?�?�??�??ksek Sadakat will represent Turkey in Düsseldorf with a song entitled Live it up.

Turkey decided to select its Eurovision representative internally. Yüksek Sadakat, a popular local pop band was chosen by TRT to fly the Turkish flag in Düsseldorf. They will performa song entitled Live it up in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Yüksek Sadakat consists of : Kenan Vural (lead vocalist), Serkan Özgenm (guitarist), Kutlu Özmakinacı (bass), UÄ�ur Onatkut (keyboard) and Alpay Å�alt (drums). Their band was formed in 1997 but become popular in 2005 when their album Yüksek Sadakat was released. Their main music style is pop-rock and they decided to continue on the same pattern for the Eurovision Song Contest entry.

The official presentation of the Turkish entry was aired live on eurovision.tv's official web channel. The event took place at the TRT studios inIstanbul and was followed by the Eurovision fans all across Europe and the Asian participating countries.

Last year maNga represented the Eurasian country at Europe's favourite music show. Their song We could be the same was the runner-up of the competition.

Turkey will compete in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

You can have a listen to the Turkish entry below :