Lithuania: Last national final for Ruta Sciogolevaite

by Arvydas Makselis 96 views

Yesterday evening Evelina Sasenko was awarded with the ticket to Dusseldorf. Right after the results were announced, Ruta Sciogolevaite has stated to local press that this was her last try for Eurovision Song Contest. “Enough, thank you, goodbye”, she said after being voted for third place.

This is not the first time Ruta Sciogolevaite has lost the chance to represent Lithuania. She has participated in national pre-selection for 5 times already: 1999, 2004 (2nd place), 2007 (2nd place), 2009 (4th place) and 2011 (3rd place).

"If people and jury don't believe in my vision, I don't see the reason to continue. I believe in myself 100%. I can't help anymore trying others to believe in it", she said after the show. Ruta was awarded with 7 points both by televoters and jury, which came out to place her in 3rd place.