Live: Polish national final

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In a few minutes the Polish final better known as Krajowe Eliminacje goes on air. Ten acts will compete for the right to represent Poland in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The show kicks-off at 20:25 CET so stay tuned.

How to watch

Live on TVP1 at 20:25 CET

Via satellite on TVPolonia: Hotbird 7A (13.0E), Eutelsat W3A (7.0E) or Astra 1KR (19.2E)


Magdalena Tul – Jestem

Anna Gogola – Ktos taki jak ty

Roan – Maybe

SheMoans – Supergirl

Ajda Fijal – Hot like fire

IKA – Say

The Trash – Things go better with rock

Alizma – Bow to the bow

Formula RC – Ja, ty i ty i ja

ZoSia – Scream out louder

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You can vote for your favourite entry in the Polish final in our poll here .


The show has just started with the group K.A.S.A. singing on stage as part of the opening for Krajowe Eliminacje. The host speaks about St. Valetine’s day and then explains that it will be the public who will select the next Polish representative.

Song 1: Magdalena Tul – Jestem
Current poll standing 1st with 53,6%

An up tempo song as Magdalena starts her performance sitting on chair. The silhouette factor is being used as a background. The main singer is joined by two male dancers who perform an interesting dance routine. Her vocals are very good and this song is tailored for Eurovision. It should go well with the schlager lovers as it has a minor key change.

Song 2: SheMoans – Supergirl
Current poll standing 3rd with 6,8%

The second song features a girl band. They look all super girls as they are clad in plastic shiny outfits. It is a rocky entry and the chorus is catchy. They rock the stage as some good camera work is taking place. This is song can be well cheered during a concert but it might get lost in the contest.

Song 3: Ajda Fijal – Hot like fire
Current poll standing 4th with 4,9%

Ajda is singing a swing song which takes us in the 60’s mood. The singer is clad in a lovely light pink dress as she is singing about how hot she looks. Two male dancers are joining her on stage and they seem to enjoy every minute with Ajda. A happy song which, though repetitive at times, it's easy to listen and dance to.

Song 4: Alizma – Bow to the bow
Current poll standing 9th with 2,3%

Three pretty blonde ladies walk on stage while holding their violins. The song has a mixture of string instruments with some electrical sounds as there is some rap tune. The lyrics are too repetitive but this act has something from everything.

Song 5: IKA – Say
Current poll standing 7th with 3,8%

The group IKA is made up of four performers with the female lead singer is clad in casual clothes. It is a rock song which one normally listen on the radio. The song framework is too simple and the diction is average. There is a short solo on a guitar but the song can’t grow more.

Song 6: Roan – Maybe
Current poll standing 8th with 3,4O%

Another rock song and this time it’s the group Roan. There is some good camera work with this song as vocally they are good. The lead singer is accompanied by three guitarists and a drummer. They are clad in black suits and shiny ties. The song can go well with those who are passionate for rock music.

Song 7: Anna Gogola – Ktos taki jak ty
Current poll standing 2nd with 13,3%

The second song performed in the native language. Anna Gogola appears in a tight black short dress. She is accompanied by two guitarists and a keyboard player. She sings a happy up tempo electronic song. The tune is ear friendly and some of the live audience is previewed dancing with the song.

Song 8: The Trash – Things go better with rock
Current poll standing 6th with 4,6%

The song title says it all! There is some hard rock going on as this song presentation is spectacular with the use of pyrotechnics. There is no doubt where their passion stands as they want to promote rock to all who is watching. Their voices go well together and this could be the dark horse of the night if Poland wishes to send a rock act.

Song 9: ZoSia – Scream out louder
Current poll standing 5th with 4,9%

ZoSia appears behind a keyboard as she is singing a nice rhythm song. She is accompanied by two male backing vocals and a drummer. Vocally ZoSia is excellent as she pitches the right long notes. There is some good music behind this song but it is unclear if it is good to compete in a song contest.

Song 10: Formula RC – Ja, ty i ty i ja
Current poll standing last with 2,3%

The last song starts with a saxophone player who introduces the lead singer. Besides the saxophonist he is accompanied by two guitar players and a drummer. This act is an uptempo rock song. Vocally he is good but sometimes he loses some notes. It is not the best rock song out of the many rocky entries in this selection.

The public will vote for one of these acts to represent Poland in Düsseldorf.

Magdalena Tul is currently leading the voting by 44.35%. The tele-voting has not ended yet.

Magdalena Tul wins the right to represent Poland with 44.47% of the tele-voting.