Bulgaria: BNT announces 23 finalists

by Victor Hondal 90 views

The list of 23 acts to compete on February 23rd to become the Bulgarian representative in Eurovision 2011 has been published. The winner will be decided through a combination of jury vote and televoting at a 50% split.

These are the 23 acts to compete in the Bulgarian final:

  1. 032 –On air
  2. Poli Genova –Na Inat
  3. Bohan Mihajlov –Nestinari
  4. Sunrise feat All the Access project –Boogie Man
  5. Vesela Boneva (Vessy)-Believe
  6. D2 –Glorious twist
  7. Lazar Kission –Zamestitel
  8. Vlad Dimov –Sjanka
  9. Svetelina Chendova –Luxury hotel
  10. Rut Koleva –Fever
  11. Uicheda –Blue cotton Levi’s
  12. Milena Slavova –Fire in my hair
  13. Mona –Teen life
  14. Simona Sivanio & Spirit –The new earth
  15. 5-te Sezona –Take my hand
  16. Emilka Valente –Plenjavash me
  17. Zhan Shejtanov-Like a fairy tale
  18. Jerihon –Smile
  19. Stanny Brown feat. NASO –I know
  20. Svetozar Hristov –Wolf’s song
  21. Elmira Kostova –Mome Hubava
  22. Jakob –Wicked way of love
  23. Plamena Petrova –Bez teb

The ultimate winner of the selection will be chosen by a combination of jury and tele voting, enjoying a 50% stake each. The selection show is scheduled to take place on February 23rd.

Last year's Bulgarian Eurovision hopeful, Miro, didn't score enough points in order to qualify for the final. His self penned song entitledAngel si tifinished on the 15th place of the second semi final.