Ireland: A snippet of Jedward's song leaked

by Victor Hondal 160 views

A snippet of Jedward's song Lipstick leaked earlier this afternoon on the website The rules of the Irish selection for Eurovision 2011 state that the competing entries can't be performed nor published before the final of Eurosong takes place.

The sample of Lipstick that is available to listen to here is a 30 seconds fragment of Jedward's entry at the 2011 Irish selection for Eurovision. The Irish twins' record label Universal uploaded the audio track this afternoon, with the release date set for February 11th, the day when Eurosong will take place.

Mentor Caroline Downey-Desmondchose John and Edward Grimes aka Jedward as her act for Eurosong 2011. Their entry Lipstick has been written by UK-based songwriters Dan Priddy, Lars Halvor Jensen & Martin M. Larsson, who are also behinga number ofsongs for JLS, Blue and Sugababes.

Jedward became known at the British X-Factor, where they gained success and fame. Their debut single Under pressure (Ice ice baby) hit #1 in the Irish singles charts and #2 in the UK singles charts, on downloads alone. Their debut album Planet Jedward, released in July 2010, became the fastest selling record in Ireland last year.

UPDATE. The snippet has been taken down.