Alf Poier: 'A shame for Austria!'

by Oliver Rau 509 views

Despite his surprisingly good result, considering that pre-Eurovision fan polls seeing him at the bottom place, Austrian participant Alf Poier seems not to be too happy with his 6th place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003. He gave the following statement.

“I am disappointed. I am the crucified Messiah of the new European pop culture. My desastrous 6th place is a new proof for the tastelessness and the spiritual come-down of Europe. I'm not going to take this mental humiliation and hereby protest against the result and its dirty accomplishment by politics and nationalism. Europe's not ready for me yet, but I will teach this continent, too. Luckily not I was the loser, but Austria. Long live Petra Frey – only her had spared us this disgrace.”

Beside these ironic remarks, Alf also vaguely indicated he could return next year, “maybe for Germany, as cucumber-draped christmas tree.”

His management added that the single for Weil der Mensch zählt is to be released in the German speaking countries in the next weeks, along with a video clip.