Belgian chocolate for Sertab

by Oliver Rau 547 views

In what one could call one of the most exciting voting procedures in years, the Belgian group Urban Trad came second yesterday, losing with only two small points to the winner of the 48th Eurovision Song Contest, Sertab Erener. The Belgians acted as good sports and congratulated Sertab, presenting her five bars of the world-famous Belgian chocolate, from which Sertab served herself during her press conference.

As German broadcaster NDR reports today, two of Sertab's backing dancers are from Germany: 22 years old Anja von Geldern from Munich and Christina von Leyen from Bremen. Both are studying dance in Vienna since last year, just like the third dancer, Claudia Kraxner from Kärnten, Austria, as one of our readers kindly informed us.

Germany's Lou, who ended 12th, was “disappointed.” Ralph Siegel, who admitted that the Turkish had “done it real good”, answered “Never say never” when asked if he will submit songs to Eurovision again.

Austrian participant gave another example of his wicked humour when asked to comment his unexpected good result: “I am totally upset. This is a shame for European music taste”, he told in an interview with German broadcaster ARD, laughing at his own words.

In the meantime it appeared that British nil-pointers Jemini were robbed yesterday evening – not only from points, but as reports, their dressing room was vandalized during their press conference, where female singer Gemma Abbey joked: “Nul points – there you go, maybe that's what we should change our name to.”

The worst result in British Eurovision history was received with mixed reactions: while, amongst others, British commentator Terry Wogan called it a “political voting”, suggesting that the Brits were punished for their role in the Iraqi war, music manager Louis Walsh said: “No, it was terrible. That is why they got no votes.”

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