Report form the dressrehearsal of MGP

by Tom Espen Hansen 99 views is present in Skien. The winner of MGP for the two last years has competed in the semifinal here in Skien. Here are the first impressions after seeing the dressrehearsal.

1. Susperia – Nothing remains

This song is said to be a bit more melodic than the one of Keep of Kelessin from last year.The lyrics are about a man who is struggeling, but who manages in the end. Flames kicks off the song, and the singer has very good vocals. The stage performance is kind of traditional heavy metal band, not adjusted much for this kind of show.

2. Noora Noor – Gone with the wind

In a yellow dress and a micstand Noora Noor sings perfectly, accorded by powerful and traditional Eurovision backingsingers, who also makes some very typical arm movements which are easy to remember and follow.

3. Girl Happy – SOS

Girl Happy has been a warmup-band for A-ha, and their guitarist has even been a standin for Paal Waktaar of A-ha in some occations. A traditional band line up on stage, and in first floor of the stage there is a girl in a silverdress dancing with robotlike movements, pretending to be the robotgirl of the song. The vocal of the singer was not as good as hoped.

4. Grethe Svensen – Like dreamers do

Dressed in a black sparkling dress, former soloist of Oslo Gospel Choir Grethe Svendsen, is backed by five backingsingers, also dressed in black, in a powerful and characteristic performance.

5. The BlackSheeps – Dance tonight

The BlackSheeps won both the Norwegian and the Nordic Junior Eurovision back in 2008, with the song Oro jaska beana (Shout up, dog) which were sung in both Sami and Norwegian.Tonights song is mostly sung in Norwegian and English, but in the bridge of the song thye sing some Sami words too.Flashing lights in the beginning, and very good vocals gives this song a good feel. The band is helped by two backingsingers, but they are not visible on the stage.

6. Stella Mwangi – Haba haba

Stella Mwangi came to Norway from Kenya when she was four years old. The title of the song is inspired by Stella's grandmother who always told her Haba haba kujaza kibaba (small victories lead to large viktories). On stage Stella wears a red dress and she is accompanied by five singers who joines Stella in a nice danceroutine during the refrain.

7. The lucky bullets – Fire below

A traditional rockabillyband who takes it all the way. They are dressed in suits typically for the 50's, and in the first verse the monitors are black and white. In front of the stage there is a girl dancing and holding a saxofon. A bit more symphonic version of last years radioh it Yes man of Bjørn .

Joan Muri is the interval act. On stage he is joined by last years winner Didrik Solli- Tangen.