Norway: Last Semi Final

by Cole Lewis 152 views

Tonight, NRK will host the last of three semi finals in Norway in order to decide the final two acts to qualify for the Final for the Norwegian capital, Oslo, for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, as well as the final two acts to qualify for the Siste Sjansen to be held next week.

The songs to compete in tonight's semi final consists of:

  1. Susperia –Nothing remains(Lyrics: Pål Mathiesen; Music: Terje Andersen, Christian Hagen, Ian Kenneth Åkesson, Håkon Didriksen, Øyvind Mustaparta)
  2. Noora Noor –Gone with the wind(Lyrics and music: Simone Larsen, Moh Denebi, Jennifer Brown, Bjørn Djupström)
  3. Girl Happy –SOS(Lyrics and music: Tor Einar Krogtoft-Jensen, Christoffer Bergersen)
  4. Grethe Svensen –Like dreamers do(Lyrics: Simon Walker; Music: Grethe Svensen, Tommy Berre)
  5. The BlackSheeps –Dance tonight(Lyrics and music: Agnete Johnsen, Emelie Nilsen)
  6. Stella Mwangi –Haba haba(Lyrics and music: Beyond51, Big City)
  7. The lucky bullets –Fire below(Lyrics and music: Knud Kleppe)

The 2010 hosts will participate in the first semi final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest which is to be held on the 10th of May in Germany.