Live: Norway's third semi final

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Tonight is the third and final semi final from the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest host, Norway. Seven songs will compete in hope of gaining a place in the Final to be held in Oslo on the 12th of February 2011.

How to watch

  • Live on NRK1 at 19:55 and repeated on NRK3 at 00:25 CET and NRK2 at 16:10 CET on Sunday
  • Webcast (NRK official) click here

The competing songs:

  1. Susperia –Nothing remains(Lyrics: Pål Mathiesen; Music: Terje Andersen, Christian Hagen, Ian Kenneth Åkesson, Håkon Didriksen, Øyvind Mustaparta)
  2. Noora Noor –Gone with the wind(Lyrics and music: Simone Larsen, Moh Denebi, Jennifer Brown, Bjørn Djupström)
  3. Girl Happy –SOS(Lyrics and music: Tor Einar Krogtoft-Jensen, Christoffer Bergersen)
  4. Grethe Svensen –Like dreamers do(Lyrics: Simon Walker; Music: Grethe Svensen, Tommy Berre)
  5. The BlackSheeps –Dance tonight(Lyrics and music: Agnete Johnsen, Emelie Nilsen)
  6. Stella Mwangi –Haba haba(Lyrics and music: Beyond51, Big City)
  7. The lucky bullets –Fire below(Lyrics and music: Knud Kleppe)

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Song 1. SusperiaNothing remains

The song begins with a lot of fire and dry ice. All members are dressed in black. Vocals are very good and the audience seem to enjoy this song. The group look confident and have perfected the performance. Large applause at the end of the song. The readers of have been voting in a poll all week and have decided that this song is their 3rd favourite with 16.1% of the votes

Song 2. Noora NoorGone with the wind

Noora is wearing a yellow dress and is accompanied by five backing singers all dressed in black. The vocals cannot be faulted and the song is performed very well. The audience are enjoying ths song. the song is a modern song and is not unlike Åste& Rikke. This song was voted 2nd in our poll with 27.8% of the votes.

Song 3. Girl HappySOS

The song is somewhat elecro-pop and would not be frowned upon by fans of BWO. The song was well performed and was well recieved by the audience. The balcony was used by backing dancers. This is a modern song which could do well. The readers voted this 4th in our poll with 12.2% of the votes.

Song 4. Grethe SvensenLike dreamers do

This is an easy listening soft ballad. which has been performed well and vocals are good. The overall performance is great and is well staged with five backing singers, all performers are dressed in black. The traditional Eurovision Song Contest key change appealed to the audience. The readers of voted this 6th with 4.9% of the vote in our poll.

Song 5. The BlackSheepsDance tonight

The former Nordic Meloidi Grand Prix winners take to the stage with a pop/rock song which has gone down very well in the arena. The song has been performed perfectly as well as vocallyand the group's look suits the song.The group are backed by a white and blue background, with the use or pyrotechnics to add to their performance. Dance Tonight ended 5th in our poll with 5.4% of the votes.

Song 6. Stella MwangiHaba haba

Stella takes to the stage in a red dress and is backed by backing singers with bongo drums with adds to the African element of the song. Stella has performed the song very well and the song is is getting a great applause from the arena. Stella and the backing singers have perfected the song and this seems to be the favourite in the arena. Stella could be mistaken for Joelle Ursull from France in 1990 tonight. The readers of have voted this 1st in our poll with 29.8% of the vote.

Song 7. The lucky bulletsFire below

This very 1950's inspired song begins in black and white which laters turns to colour. The whole performance could fit into the 1950's, it has a similar music style, clothes and hair. The performance is fun and quirky. The group are clearly enjoying ths performance as are the audience in the arena. The readers of esctoday have decided that this is 7th in our poll with 3.9% of the votes.


The songs are over, and the voting has begun.

The results are in!

To Siste Sjansen:

Susperia & Lucky Bullets

To The final:

The Blacksheeps& Stella Mwangi

The readers decided that Stella Mwangi should make the final as well as Noora Noor, although Stella made the final, sxhe will be accompanied by The Blacksheeps. Lucky Bullets made Siste Sjansen although ended last in our poll, they will be joined by Susperia, our poll agreed they should make the Siste Sjansen round.

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