Odds Monitor: Netta sitting pretty as Moldova has a Lucky Day

by Richard West-Soley 6,265 views

While Israel is still sitting pretty at the top of the favourites list, two battles are raging right behind Netta in the win markets tonight.
Estonia is locked in extremely close combat with Norway in a stubborn second position. The two countries are almost inseparable, sparring on odds around 5/1 – 7/1. Right behind them, a resurgent Czech Republic pushes a drifting France back down into fifth favourite. Mirroring the face-off above them, both are on highly convergent odds of around 9/1 – 12/1 this evening.

Cyprus looks ready to tackle top five

Cyprus, in sixth, also looks ready to take on France and Czech Republic. Its odds settle as short as 10/1 with some outlets (Skybet, Betway). Continued confidence in Eleni bolsters her sixth favourite position, as Bulgaria falters behind her, failing to make headway with punters to regain its former second favourite spot.
Sweden and Italy seem unmovable in their positions at the bottom of the top ten. However, Moldova provides most of the excitement down here on a successful day for the delegation. After a fun second rehearsal, DoReDos finally broke briefly into the top ten today. However, Spain has since regained its former spot in tenth. Further behind, Australia struggles to take back lost ground after drifting into 12th favourite on odds as long as 50/1.

Odds to win

  1. Israel
  2. Norway
  3. Estonia
  4. Czech Republic
  5. France
  6. Cyprus
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Sweden
  9. Italy
  10. Spain

Semifinal 1 qualification odds

The winners of the past few days look surer by the day; Israel leads, with Cyprus and Estonia neck and neck behind the first spot. The final safe places look like a very tight spot; the bookies still have Armenia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Finland fighting it out for the last two spots.
  1. Israel
  2. Cyprus
  3. Estonia
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Greece
  7. Austria
  8. Belgium
  9. Armenia
  10. Lithuania

Semifinal 2 qualification odds

Ukraine now pips Australia as a safer qualifier from the second semifinal, with Moldova more secure too after joining the top four earlier today. Latvia continues to sit on a knife-edge, barely holding off Russia in the feared 11th position.
  1. Sweden
  2. Norway
  3. Ukraine
  4. Australia
  5. Moldova
  6. Netherlands
  7. Poland
  8. Denmark
  9. Hungary
  10. Latvia
With the second individual rehearsals for automatic finalists tomorrow, eyes will be on former top-three favourite France. Can a strong presentation of “Mercy” deliver some momentum back to French odds? And could strong performances from the other finalists shake the table up further down?
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