Lisbon Bound: Sweden, Montenegro, Slovenia and Ukraine are today’s last rehearsing acts

by Stratos Agadellis 1,606 views

Hello everybody again! We have already reached the 7th day of rehearsals at Lisbon’s Altice Arena, with all 43 competing acts having graced the stage at least once. Today sees the remaining 13 countries of the second semi-final get onstage for their second trials, ahead of their live performances next week.

Having successfully completed their first round of rehearsals within the week, the artists are rehearsing for the second time, in order to perfect their performances and present the best of themselves, ahead of their evaluation from both the public and the national juries!

Sweden, Montenegro, Slovenia and Ukraine are set to close today’s round of rehearsals, as they will also be the closing acts of the second semi-final:

15 | Sweden

The winner of Melodifestivalen 2018, Benjamin Ingrosso returns on the stage with his song Dance you off. Could Sweden dance once again after a Eurovision victory this year? Below, there is special material provided by from his second rehearsal:

Exclusive second rehearsal video of Sweden 2018

16 | Montenegro

Vanja Radovanović comes to bring yet another atmospheric performance in this year’s Eurovision, with his song Inje. Here is footage from his today’s second rehearsal:

Exclusive second rehearsal video of Montenegro 2018

17 | Slovenia

Going on with the Balkans, Lea Sirk from Slovenia and her dancers are there to leave their own footprint on the stage of Altice Arena. Enjoy them once more through’s footage:

Exclusive second rehearsal video of Slovenia 2018

18 | Ukraine

The final artist taking to the stage today for their second rehearsal is MELOVIN from Ukraine, who is set to close the second semi-final of Eurovision 2018 with his entry Under the ladder. Here are the first images from Ukraine’s second rehearsal.

Exclusive second rehearsal video of Ukraine 2018