Lisbon Bound: Belgium, the Czech Republic and Lithuania onstage for second rehearsals

by Jessica Weaver 2,486 views

The first set of semi-final rehearsals have been completed, now it’s time to move on to the second rehearsals of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest! Artists from the first semi-final are back in the Lisbon arena once again, ready for their second set of rehearsals.

It’s day 5 of rehearsals at the Altice Arena in the Eurovision 2018 host city of Lisbon, with the second rehearsals for the semi-finalists set to kick off today! In total, 15 artists will take to the stage for their second rehearsal, with some potential changes expected to be made over from their first rehearsals.

All of today’s performers are from semi-final 1; from Azerbaijan through to Finland, it will be a packed day of rehearsals for the semi-final 1 participants today, with second rehearsals continuing tomorrow.

04 | Belgium

Rehearsals continue today with Belgium and Sennek, who will be fourth to take to the stage during the first Eurovision 2018 semi-final with her entry A matter of time. Belgium’s second rehearsal has concluded, with small changes being made. Check out the official Eurovision footage from Belgium’s second rehearsal.

Here are the images from Belgium’s second rehearsal of the contest.

05 | Czech Republic

Mikalos Josef is back and ready to rehearse on the Eurovision stage once again! It’s been an uncertain few days for the Czech singer following his injury during first rehearsals, however Mikolas is determined to compete on that stage and is prepared for the second rehearsal.

Eurovision has uploaded the official footage of the Czech Republic’s second rehearsal. Check it out!

Check out the images from the Czech Republic’s second rehearsal of the competition.

06 | Lithuania

Ieva Zasimauskaitė from Lithuania is sixth onstage today for her second rehearsal, ahead of her participation in the first semi-final of the contest next week with her entry When we’re old. Let’s have a look at the official footage from Lithuania’s rehearsal.

Here are the first images from Lithuania’s second rehearsal.