United Kingdom: SuRie releases sign language version of Storm

by Jessica Weaver 785 views

SuRie has been busy the past couple of months following her British national final victory, performing across the continent with hopes of presenting her entry to as many countries across Europe as possible ahead of her journey to Lisbon today. SuRie has now released her entry in one particular language, but which one is it?

SuRie has been a big ambassador of publicising her entry across the United Kingdom and beyond since winning the United Kingdom’s national final, Eurovision: You Decide, earlier this year, having travelling to many countries to perform her Eurovision entry over the past number of weeks.

Recently, SuRie has appeared on many television programmes and news feeds across the United Kingdom, hoping to gain the backing of the British public ahead of her flight to Lisbon, which she has embarked on today (in typical British fashion, of course).


Watch the sign language version of Storm

Ahead of today’s travels to Lisbon, SuRie and the BBC have released the sign language version of her Eurovision entry, Storm, which the singer was taught and learnt in just 2 hours.

SuRie decided to film the video following a request from a fan, with the goal being to make the Eurovision Song Contest as accessible to as many British viewers as possible to include them in the journey to Lisbon.

Check out the full version of SuRie’s British sign language version of Storm here!

SuRie will represent the United Kingdom in the grand final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest on the 12 May, competing with her entry Storm.