Odds Monitor: Norway and France battle for silver behind Israel

by Richard West-Soley 3,955 views

While Israel’s Netta holds steady as firm favourite, it is in the rest of the top ten favourites that most movement has been happening today. Norway and France have been locked in a battle of odds over the course of the day, vying for the silver position.
While Norway finishes today barely clinging on to second favourite position across bookies, the two countries have switched positions more than once since the morning. However, with France set to rehearse in just two days’ time, everything is riding on whether the first preview of “Mercy” will inspire confidence amongst punters.

Czech Republic bounces back

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic has bounced back into fourth after Mikolas’ announcement that the show will go on. Though his odds began to drift following a back injury in the first rehearsal, they have now recovered into single figures with some outlets.
Just outside the top five, the Cypriot climb continues, with Eleni overtaking Sweden to rest as seventh favourite to win. On the other hand, Australia’s odds have been drifting badly, slipping dramatically from 7 to 33 on Betfair, for example. “We Got Love” only just manages to hang on in the top ten this evening.
The top favourites to win are currently as follows:
  1. Israel
  2. Norway
  3. France
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Estonia
  7. Cyprus
  8. Sweden
  9. Italy
  10. Australia

Semifinal one qualification

Just a little shuffling characterises the day for semifinal one qualification odds. Israel is attracting tiny odds to qualify, considered a dead cert. Czech odds, reflecting the win markets, rebound to second favourite to qualify, with a surging Cyprus right behind.
It is at the bottom of the top ten where most movement is taking place. The battle for the last two safe places is between Armenia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Finland, it seems, with each country dropping in and out as the odds churn.
  1. Israel
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Cyprus
  4. Estonia
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Greece
  7. Austria
  8. Belgium
  9. Armenia
  10. Lithuania

Semifinal two qualification

Sweden is considered the most likely qualifier from Thursday’s show, with Norway right behind and very little to separate the odds. If Jessica Mauboy is struggling in the odds to win, she is considered a safe enough qualifier from this semi, on a strong third place. At the bottom of the list, Latvia pips Russia this evening, forcing Julia Samoylova into the danger zone.
The full top ten is as follows:
  1. Sweden
  2. Norway
  3. Australia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Moldova
  6. Netherlands
  7. Denmark
  8. Poland
  9. Hungary
  10. Latvia
Tomorrow brings a second chance to rehearse for the majority of first semifinalists. Will changes to the Czech presentation following Mikolas’ injury affect the odds? And can Israel solidify its comfortable lead? 
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