Lisbon Bound: First rehearsals continue today with Hungary

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Day 4 of rehearsals is here! Today, the remaining semi-final 2 participants will take to the Eurovision 2018 stage in the host city of Lisbon, ready for their first set of official stage rehearsals for the competition. The Hungarian group is up next on the Eurovision stage today, ready for their first rehearsals of the contest.

It’s the fourth day of Eurovision 2018 rehearsals at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, where the first rehearsal for the semi-finalists will conclude with the remaining semi-final 2 participants. A further 9 acts will take to the stage today; let’s see how their rehearsals go!

AWS from Hungary is fourth onstage today for their first rehearsal ahead of next week’s second semi-final, where they will be competing with their song Viszlát nyár.

Hungary’s performance is on fire, literally! It’s a pyro dream for Hungary’s first rehearsal today, with plenty of fire to work in with the rock-metal theme of AWS’s entry for Eurovision 2018. It’s getting hot in the Altice Arena today!

First look at Hungary’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

It truly is a rock performance from AWS at the venue, really working with their song entry and adding so much to the staging. The guitarist of the band even goes crowd surfing during the performance, a move which will really get the audience going on the night of the semi-final.

Whilst Hungary’s song may be a love/hate entry amongst Eurovision fans, the performance itself is a stand out and will gain interest for first time viewers, especially considering the different music genre.

Get ready for an extreme flashing light kind of performance from Hungary on the night.

Official first rehearsal clip of Hungary 2018

Hungary’s first rehearsal in images

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