Lisbon Bound: Get ready for Malta’s first rehearsal

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Day 4 of rehearsals is here! Today, the remaining semi-final 2 participants will take to the Eurovision 2018 stage in the host city of Lisbon, ready for their first set of official stage rehearsals for the competition. The island nation of Malta is next onstage today for their first rehearsal.

It’s the fourth day of Eurovision 2018 rehearsals at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, where the first rehearsal for the semi-finalists will conclude with the remaining semi-final 2 participants. A further 9 acts will take to the stage today; let’s see how their rehearsals go!

Next today is Malta and Christabelle’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018, where they will be competing in next Thursday’s second semi-final with their entry Taboo.

LED screens enter the arena for Malta’s performance on the Eurovision stage, creating a box effect around both the singer and dancer. Plenty of images appear across the screens throughout the performance, telling the theme of the story during the show. The graphics shattered (intentionally) towards the end.

First look at Malta’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

As well as the LED screens, the general theme of the stage is rather dark, with black and red colour lighting up across the stage. Lasers appear later on in the performance, lighting up in different colours to the drop of the song.

The dancer is on stage throughout the whole of the Maltese performances, interacting with both the LED box as well as Christabelle herself.

Fire pyro effects also feature in the Maltese staging, really adding to the theme of the performance. It’s a busy but exciting performance from Malta for 2018, with solid vocals throughout.

Official first rehearsal clip of Malta 2018

Malta’s first rehearsal in images

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