Lisbon Bound: Moldova is ready for their first rehearsal

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It’s day three of rehearsals in the Eurovision 2018 host city of Lisbon today, in which it’s the start of the semi-final 2 participants’ appearances onstage for the very for time. Moldova is ready to bring the energy to the stage for their first set of rehearsals.

Day three at the Altice Arena in Lisbon and we’re continuing with the first set of rehearsals for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Semi-final 1 is down, so today we move on to the second semi-final participants, joining the first 9 participants of the show for their first rehearsals.

Next up we have the DoReDos trio of Moldova for their first set of rehearsals, with the group set to compete in Lisbon on the 10 May with their entry My lucky day.

Bringing us some colourful entertaining drama, telenovela style, is Moldova! Moldova’s staging provides a story of misunderstandings in a hilarious fashion, a story which is bound to grab the attention of the viewers at home.

First look at Moldova’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

A wall and 3 doors are the props being used by all performers onstage, including the 3 DoReDos members and the 3 band doppelgangers. It’s a simplistic set out which provides an incredible amount of clever choreography and storytelling throughout.

Moldova received a huge applause from the press centre following their first rehearsal, probably one of the biggest reactions so far. It’s looking like a secure placement in the final for Moldova for Eurovision 2018, sure to get some positive laughs across the continent.

Official first rehearsal clip of Moldova 2018

Moldova’s first rehearsal in images

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