Lisbon Bound: Taking to the stage for first rehearsals is Russia

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It’s day three of rehearsals in the Eurovision 2018 host city of Lisbon today, in which it’s the start of the semi-final 2 participants’ appearances onstage for the very for time. Up next today is Russia who will embark on their first set of rehearsals.

Day three at the Altice Arena in Lisbon and we’re continuing with the first set of rehearsals for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Semi-final 1 is down, so today we move on to the second semi-final participants, joining the first 9 participants of the show for their first rehearsals.

Sixth onstage today is Russia and Julia Samoylova, who will be competing in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2018 with her entry I won’t break on the 10 May.

The mountain is on stage for Russia’s performance at Eurovision 2018 which has got people talking across the press centre. Lights of multiple colours light up around the mountain, including pinks and greens, almost creating a rainbow effect at times.

The mountain really is the feature of this performance and cover Julia’s wheelchair throughout, with water effects going down the mountain to create a waterfall illusion right down to the stage floor.

First look at Russia’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

Julia is joined onstage by 2 dancers, who perform and interact around the mountain and across the stage later on into the performance. Backing singers can also be heard throughout Russia’s show.

The singer herself is wearing a blue and purple outfit, with plenty of glitter on her face and parts of her arms to sparkle up the performance.

Julia has made improvements vocally since the original live performance we originally heard; the harmonies together with the Russian backing vocalists flow well and makes for a pleasant performance. The fairytale theme can truly be felt with this staging.

Official first rehearsal clip of Russia 2018

Russia’s first rehearsal in images

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