Lisbon Bound: Romania is next onstage for their first rehearsal

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It’s day three of rehearsals in the Eurovision 2018 host city of Lisbon today, in which it’s the start of the semi-final 2 participants’ appearances onstage for the very for time. The group from Romania is the second act of the day to take to the stage for their first rehearsal.

Day three at the Altice Arena in Lisbon and we’re continuing with the first set of rehearsals for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Semi-final 1 is down, so today we move on to the second semi-final participants, joining the first 9 participants of the show for their first rehearsals.

Moving on to the second rehearsal of today, this time coming from The Humans from Romania who will compete onstage next Thursday with their entry Goodbye.

The Humans have produced a rather theatrical performance for Eurovision 2018, with plenty of interpretive dance included throughout the entire song. Perhaps a performance which wasn’t expected from Romania for this entry.

First look at Romania’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

The lead singer wears a purple dress whilst the remaining performers are dressed in white, making the lead vocalist a stand-out on stage with her powerful vocals.

Masks and mannequins are a big feature in Romania’s performance onstage, making for an interesting performance as a whole. It’s surely a piece which is set to make a statement, but whether the message will get across is another matter.

It’s a performance that will catch the viewers’ eyes due to its differing style; let’s see whether it will draw in the votes from the public and jury on the night.

Official first rehearsal clip of Romania 2018

Romania’s first rehearsal in images

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