Lisbon Bound: Starting today’s first rehearsals with Norway

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It’s day three of rehearsals in the Eurovision 2018 host city of Lisbon today, in which it’s the start of the semi-final 2 participants’ appearances onstage for the very for time. We kick off the third day of rehearsals with Norway.

Day three at the Altice Arena in Lisbon and we’re continuing with the first set of rehearsals for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Semi-final 1 is down, so today we move on to the second semi-final participants, joining the first 9 participants of the show for their first rehearsals.

Norway’s returning artist Alexander Rybak is first to take to the Lisbon stage today, where he will be competing in the second semi-final of the contest on the 10 May with his entry That’s how you write a song.

Alexander Rybak takes to the stage wearing black and dark blue for his first rehearsal, with 4 backing dancers and vocalists performing together with the returning Norwegian representative.

The staging itself is similar to that of his Melodi Grand Prix performance back in March, which gained much attraction across Norway due to its fun, playfulness and interactive elements. Some elements have been polished since the national final, making for a cleaner performance.

First look at Norway’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

Alexander oozes confidence onstage, showing his professionalism throughout his entire performance. This and being an expert on the Eurovision stage since his 2009 victory will do the singer will in Lisbon.

Blues and purples are the colour theme of Norway’s performance, making for a colourful performance as a whole.

There were a couple of technical issues during today’s rehearsal with both the microphones and camera work, but Alexander remaining professional throughout. With the issues to the fixed by the next rehearsal, it’s safe to say that Norway is a great opening entry for semi-final 2!

Official first rehearsal clip of Norway 2018

Norway’s first rehearsal in images

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