UPD Turkey: Yüksek Sadakat to sing in English?

by Victor Hondal 80 views

Following controversy over their election as Turkey's representatives in Eurovision 2011, music director of the band Yüksek Sadakat, Afsin Akin, has acknowledged fans and media criticism. Regarding the song they will sing in Düsseldorf, Akin has stated that it will “probably” be in English.

Afsin Akin has revealed that the bad knew that TRT chose them to represent Turkey in Eurovision 2011 "the day before New Year", and it came as a surprise for them.

Yüksek Sadakat's music director went on to say that despite rumours, they have not chosen a song to present to TRT's internal committee yet. According to him, the songs will be presented to the Turkish broadcaster in about 20 days. "Probably, our song will be in English", Akin added.

UPDATE. TRT has revealed that the group will present three songs to the internal commitee.