Belgium: Alexandre Deschamps to the final

by Victor Hondal 69 views

The list of Belgian finalists features 12 acts again after the disqualification of Lorenzo Caminotti. Today, Alexandre Deschamps has gathered 20,000 euro in donations and joins the other 11 acts that did so earlier. He will sing Elle merveille.

These are the 12 finalists in Belgium so far:

  • The Blazing –Our way
  • Léa Clément –Où s'en vont nos rêves?
  • Syla K. –Simple love
  • Hélène –Our home
  • Steve Linden –C'est la musique
  • Bellyve –Nos pages, nos images
  • Joe Galli –Live my life
  • Hanny-D –Près de toi
  • J-Cool– Dans ma chanson
  • Witloof Bay –With love baby
  • Gautier Reyz –Addiction
  • Alexandre Deschamps – Elle merveille

You can listen to Elle merveille here.

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