Finland: Eurovision song’s authors to fly to Lisbon; YLE apologizes

by Stratos Agadellis 1,394 views

After a major upheaval between the Swedish authors of Saara Aalto’s song Linnea and Joy Deb and the Finnish national broadcaster YLE concerning the inability of the latter to cover costs for flights and accomodation for the songwriters, now there are pleasant news for them!

The Deb’s pair will eventually be joining the rest members of the Finnish delegation to Lisbon, enjoying and supporting Saara Aalto and her Monsters. To their great pleasure, Linnea Deb tweeted the news:

Following on from the story, YLE’s television producer Anssi Autio, who had initially expressed the weakness of the broadcaster to afford more expenses, apologized on behalf of the latter and ended the controversy between the two sides with the words below:

It’s great that the confusion has now been agreed. I am personally and on behalf of YLE really sorry about this unnecessary conflict. The international Eurovision organization imposes certain constraints on the size of the delegations, which is why Finland has generally not included the songwriters. However, I am glad that we have this issue resolved. The most important thing is that all the right people are on the move to encourage Finland to succeed.

After all, Finland is now all set to perform 15th at the first semi-final evening on 8 May.