Exclusive: Fabrizio Faniello back in the Maltese selection

by Edward Montebello 129 views

Fabrizio Faniello returned to the Maltese selection. Close sources to esctoday.com said that the two time Eurovision representative will try it again. Fabrizio is currently preparing for a special performance in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

The Maltese singer who did a come back in the music scene submitted a song in the Malta Eurovision Festival which is expected to start soon when a professional jury will select a number of songs to advance in the second part of phase one of the selection. Faniello never ruled out the possibility of returning to the selection in which he debuted in 1998 with the song Change of heart.

Meanwhile on 7th December Fabrizio Faniello will perform in the Nagaswara Music Awards Show to be held in Jakarta. Faniello is quite popular in Asia. His song I no can do has been on the number one spot of the Indonesian download charts while My heart is asking you is currently climbing up the charts, currently standing at number seven.

Based with the CAP-Sounds team, Fabrizio is recording with the Swedish production house World Studios as well as with his new Maltese team Philip and Sean Vella. He is expected to release a new album in April. This album will include tracks with remarkable writers such as Mary Susan Applegate and Gary Barlow. Fabrizio Faniello represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest two times, in 2001 and 2006

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