INFE Poll 2018: Georgia is ready to present their votes

by Jessica Weaver 4,018 views

From west to east, here are the next set of votes. Returning for a second year in a row, the results of the INFE Poll 2018 are set to be unveiled here at ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network, with votes to be gathered and combined together from all of the participating INFE clubs.

Twelfth set of votes are now in! ESCToday will exclusively be bringing you the results of the INFE Poll 2018 over the month to come in collaboration with the INFE Network.

In total, members from all 24 clubs will be casting their votes and deciding their favourite entries in the second annual INFE Poll, with the final outcome of the results set to be unveiled on the 22 April.

The next club to vote in the INFE Poll 2018 is INFE Georgia. Have the members managed to make any major changes to the scoreboard?

Votes from INFE Georgia

  • 1 point goes to the Netherlands
  • 2 points go to Greece
  • 3 points go to Austria
  • 4 points go to Israel
  • 5 points go to the Czech Republic
  • 6 points go to Cyprus
  • 7 points go to Estonia
  • 8 points go to… France
  • 10 points go to… Bulgaria
  • And 12 points go to… Belgium!

Sennek from Belgium receives her first set of 12 points in the INFE Poll 2018, bringing the country’s current total up to 42 points.

About INFE Georgia

INFE Georgia, originally known under the name Eurovision Georgian Magazine, joined the INFE Network in 2017.

Eurovision Georgian Magazine is one of the most active Eurovision fan clubs in Georgia, aiming to bring more popularity to the competition within the home nation.

As well as keeping their members up-to-date with all of the latest news, the club also hosts a number of Eurovision nights on a regular basis.

Take a look at their Facebook page.

Current top 5 of the INFE Poll 2018

  1. Israel: 104 points
  2. Bulgaria: 71 points
  3. France: 71 points
  4. Greece: 54 points
  5. Cyprus: 44 points