Malta: Christabelle visits Lea Sirk in Slovenia

by Roy Knoops 867 views

During her tour Malta’s Christabelle Borg met up with Slovenia’s Lea Sirk in Ljubiana.

Christabelle from Malta is currently on a promotional tour throughout Europe, and recently visited beautiful Slovenia, where she caught up with the country’s Eurovision 2018 representative, Lea Sirk.

Christabelle took the opportunity to talk about her song and upcoming performance on the Lisbon stage.


Christabelle has tried to represent Malta at the ESC several times, and this year she won the ticket to Lisbon with her entry Taboo:

I believe that perseverance is the key to success. If I did not sign up for Eurovision I would never have the opportunity to present a song to the public that means a lot to me.
I attended the Eurovision selection, I gained some more experience and learned something. Because I was well prepared for the competition, I did not feel any pressure at the time of re-registration.

The Maltese artist is devoting time to promoting her song and looks forward to rehearsing for her stage performance:

We plan to spend most of our time in the last days before the show in Lisbon on the choreography and movement on the stage.

Breaking taboos

Taboo tackles the subject of mental health and how it’s perceived in society:

In Malta, I have also become an ambassador for spreading the knowledge about mental illness, and with the song I want to tell people that it is always – and I emphasize – that it is always necessary to overcome taboos and seek professional help.

Meeting Lea Sirk

Christabelle met Slovenia’s representative Lea Sirk and stated that she likes her entry Hvala, ne! very much:

I think Lea is a wonderful girl. I looked at her performance and I must say that the lyrics of her song seem extremely powerful and important. Sometimes it’s simply necessary to say: Thank you, no!


Bringing people together

To Christabelle, Eurovision is all about bringing people together, both the fans as well as the participants:

I know it sounds pretty cliché, but I do not see my competitors as competitors, because I believe that we are the biggest competition for ourselves. I have listened to some songs, but I can not say that one of the participants is especially my favourite. I love different genres of music, but I have favourite songs from Eurovision of the past years, namely the song Euphoria by singer Loreen and the song 1944 by singer Jamala.


Both Christabelle and Lea Sirk will perform in the second half of Semi-Final 2 on Thursday 10 May 2018: Christabelle will present Taboo from position 12, while Lea Sirk will sing Hvala, ne! from position 17.