INFE Poll 2018: Next up to vote is Russia

by Jessica Weaver 3,893 views

Russia is back in the game, and INFE Russia is ready to vote! Returning for a second year in a row, the results of the INFE Poll 2018 are set to be unveiled here at ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network, with votes to be gathered and combined together from all of the participating INFE clubs.

We now know the fifth set of results in this year’s INFE Network PollESCToday will exclusively be bringing you the results of the INFE Poll 2018 over the month to come in collaboration with the INFE Network.

In total, members from all 24 clubs will be casting their votes and deciding their favourite entries in the second annual INFE Poll, with the final outcome of the results set to be unveiled on the 22 April.

Voting up next in the INFE Poll 2018 is INFE Russia, whose country has returning to the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest following a withdrawal from the 2017 edition.

Votes from INFE Russia

  • 1 point goes to Moldova
  • 2 points go to Belarus
  • 3 points go to Cyprus
  • 4 points go to France
  • 5 points go to Italy
  • 6 points go to Ukraine
  • 7 points go to Australia
  • 8 points go to… Denmark
  • 10 points go to… Bulgaria
  • And 12 points go to… Israel!

Yet another set of 12 points fly over to Israel’s Netta, whose song Toy is currently taking a solid lead in the INFE Poll 2018.

About INFE Russia

INFE Russia is a fresh member of the INFE Network (2018), based on the Russian language blog about Eurovision Song Contest on the VK social network, a blog with more than 35,000 followers.

Intentions of the administrator are to create and develop the biggest fan community in Russia under the INFE network.

Current top 5 of the INFE Poll 2018

  1. Israel: 51 points
  2. Bulgaria: 37 points
  3. France: 34 points
  4. Ukraine: 24 points
  5. Denmark: 20 points

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