Italy: Serena Rossi to portray the legendary Mia Martini in TV movie

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The early life of legendary Italian artist Mia Martini will be featured in a television movie, reportedly starring Serena Rossi as the tragic former Eurovision participant.

Mia Martini was, and remains, one of Italy’s most enigmatic stars. Known for her powerful raspy voice, Mia Martini still inspires many people with ther music, yet she also knew tragedies in her life. Being one of the most successful, celebrated Italian artists and having represented Italy at Eurovision twice (1977 and 1992), the singer passed away at the young age of 47.

Now, a television movie will capture the highlights of Mia Martini’s early life. The singer will be portrayed by Napolitan actress and singer Serena Rossi, who is also said to be Italy’s Eurovision 2018 commentator, alongside Federico Russo – although this is yet to be officially confirmed. The TV movie will be produced by Casanova.

Serena Rossi is reportedly already rehearsing her main role, training her voice to sound as similar as possible to Mia Martini’s voice.

Serena Rossi sarà Mia Martini in un film per la tv

(Serena Rossi and Mia Martini, source

Gifted and cursed

Mia Martini was born in 1947 as Domenica Bertè in Bagnara Calabra, Reggio Calabria, southern Italy, daughter of Giuseppe Radames Bertè and Maria Salvina Dato. She was the elder sister of famous Italian artist Loredana Bertè, who actually was born on the same day, in the same month, as her sister.

Domenica, or Mimi as she was called, started singing under the name Mimì Bertè. Releasing her first singles in the 1960’s, she changed her name to Mia Martini in the early 1970’s.

Mia Martini participated in various music festivals, including the renowned Sanremo Music Festival. In 1989 her entry Almeno tu nell’universo won the Critics Award at Sanremo, the song becoming an Italian classic, covered by many artists.

Although being one of the most successful female artists of Italy, Mia Martini’s private life was less auspicious. She was regarded with suspicion, even superstition, by other artists, and is rumoured to be have been ostracized by some singers because she supposedly attracted bad luck. She suffered from painful fibroids, benign tumors of the uterus, for which she took prescription medication, and towards the end of the 1980’s gradually withdrew from the public eye, although she did venture into comebacks.

Mia Martini planned her return to the stage in early 1995, going on a tour together with Mimmo Cavallo. However, she was hospitalized several times before the start of the actual tour. After returning home, her manager informed the authorities that she had not answered calls for a few days.

Mia Martini was found in her apartment in the Via Liguria 2, in Cardano al Campo. According to official reports, she had passed away due to a cardiac arrest caused by a cocaine overdose. However, her death remains somewhat of a mystery, rumours of suicice or even a possible homicide still circulating. Loredana Bertè later stated that her sister’s body had been covered with lashes.

Mia Martini was only 47 years old.

The Critics Award at the Sanremo Music Festival, which she herself won three times, was posthumously named after her, the Premio della Critica “Mia Martini”. Loredana Bertè dedicated various songs to her, and keeps her sister’s repertoire alive.

Mia Martini will always remain one of Italy’s brightest musical stars.

At Eurovision

Mia Martini represented Italy twice at Eurovision. In 1977  she placed 13th with 33 points, performing her entry Libera (Free) in London, the United Kingdom.

Her greatest success at Eurovision was at the ESC 1992 in Malmö, Sweden: with her heartfelt, haunting song Rapsodia (Rhapsody), a story about two old lovers who can’t find happiness, she honourably placed 4th, receiving 111 points.