FYR Macedonia: Skopje Fest in late February – early March?

by Victor Hondal 70 views

According to newspaper Dnevnik, FYR Macedonia's selection for Eurovision, Skopje Fest, will be held in late February or early March. Official confirmation from the national broadcaster MKRTV is expected to be made in December.

Besides that, it is still undecided whether the national competition will feature two semifinals and a final or just one selection show.

This information comes out together with the announcement of a replacement in the artistic direction of Skopje Fest. Keyboardist and current member of the band Bread and Salt Kokan Dimushevski will hold this post, handed over by Ljupco Mirkovski. Dimushevski is no stranger to Eurovision, as he was already involved in the FYR Macedonian participations back in 2000 and 2002 as deputy Head of Delegation.

About his new Eurovision challenge, Dimushevski stated: "I accepted to be involved only with events related to the Skopje Festival, from the start to declaring a winner.So, I will participate in the part related to the competition, the choice of songs, the presentation of the singers, the moment when the winner will be known.I will not go to Eurovision Song Contest in Germany because I was on such events and already have experience".

Kokan Dimushevski will be seeking the musical quality in the 2011 running of Skopje Fest: "For me, the most important thing is the quality of the compositions.My intention to choose materials and musical performers of high standards.Each festival participant will be entitled to record the song in the studio of their choice, which will meet the high criteria and standards of the European Broadcasting Union".

The post of Head of Delegation will also be transferred. Andrashevska Gordana, who has served for two years, hands in FYR Macedonia's top Eurovision job to Ljupco Stojanovski, editor at the Entertainment section in MKRTV.