Israel: IBA reveals plans for 2011

by Itamar Barak 100 views

Israeli broadcaster IBA reveals today some of its plans for the 2011 national final, which will return to Channel 1, after being out of their hands last year. The main innovation this year is that the national pre-selection will be spread over a 6 episodes series!

1.5 million Shekels are the budget the IBA has allocated to this year's Eurovision Song Contest national final, which returns to Channel 1, after a year of absence. Despite that, the pre-selection will not be produced by IBA, but by an independent production company, to be chosen soon.

According to IBA's plan, this year's Israeli national final will infact be turned into a six episodes series, 90 minutes each, to be broadcasted during January 2011. The last episode, the grand final, will be held in front of a live audience and broadcasted live on Channel 1, during February 2011. Wether this series will feature an open contest among several performers or will follow a pre-determinedsingle performer, introducing his or her entries, is yet to be decided.

IBA stated today that "the broadcaster sees the Eurovision Song Contest as an important showcase of the Israeli popular culture. We have approached several production companies, asking for their ideas and proposals for producing the series. We hope to recieve original proposals, that will invigorate Eurovision's brand in Israel, and of course lead to a successful Israeli entry in Germany".

Har'el Ska'at represented Israel in Oslo 2010 and finished 14th in the final. In Dusseldorf, Israel will participate in the second semifinal, on May 12th, 2011.