Spain: Alfred & Amaia film their Eurovision postcard in the Azores

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,124 views

The 2018 Spanish Eurovision hopefuls Alfred & Amaia have flown to the magnificent and picturesque Azores Islands in the Atlantic in order to film their Eurovision postcard.

The delegations and participants of the 43 participating countries at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will be travelling to Portugal prior to the contest in order to film their respective presentation postcards. Each artist will be portrayed in an activity or a challenge.

The postcards will showcase the beauty of Portugal and will portray the Eurovision artists enjoying the sights and sounds of the host country.

The presentation postcards serve as a massive platform for the host country to promote its tourism and showcase itself on a global scale as millions of viewers tune in to watch Europe’s favorite television show. The Eurovision Song Contest reaches households beyond Europe, from Australia to Argentina, from China to New Zealand, from USA to India etc.

The Spanish postcard

The Spanish Eurovision postcard has been filmed in the picturesque Azores showcasing the archipelago’s breathtaking landscapes and nature.


Alfred & Amaia travelled to the beautiful island of São Miguel in order to record their postcard. They filmed their postcard at the magnificent Lago das Furnas. We will see young love birds opening a door and walking through the beautiful island where they’ll cook one of the most famous Azorean dishes Cocido das Furnas. The dish is cooked  with the heat of the Sao Miguel volcano for at least 6 hours.

The Azores are well known for their volcanic islands.

RTP, the Portuguese national broadcaster has put in great effort to record the Spanish postcard in the Azores having used a special drone in order to take some great shots of the Spanish duo.


The Spanish postcard has been directed Andre Banza. You can check out the photo gallery of the Spanish postard below:

About Alfred & Amaia

Alfred & Amaia were crowned the winners of the 2018 Spanish national final and will fly to Lisbon with their love ballad  Tu Canción.

Both artists were the five finalists of the Operacion Triunfo 2017, Amaia was declared the winner of the music talent show.

Spain in Eurovision

Spain debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 with Conchita Bautista and has won the competition twice in 1968 (Massiel) and 1969 (Salome). The country successfully hosted the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid when four countries ended up winning the contest.

Spain has not missed a single contest since its debut in 1961 and has participated religiously in the competition every year.

Spain set to compete in the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest on 12 May in Lisbon.