Cyprus: Eleni Foureira on a Tête à tête interview

by Stratos Agadellis 1,379 views

Less than 2 months away from her upcoming performance at Eurovision 2018, the Cypriot entrant Eleni Foureira opened her heart at Tête à tête TV show, hosted by the country’s famous journalist and TV presenter Tasos Tryfonos.

The interview was shot on 6 March, during Eleni’s first official visit to Cyprus, after her announcement as the island’s Eurovision 2018 hopeful. Recently, the Cypriot national broadcaster CyBC hosted a welcome party for their selected artist.

Talking about everything

Besides Eurovision, Eleni Foureira spoke about a wide variety of issues, such as her difficult but happy early years in Albania, her family shifting to Greece during the civil war in their country, the beginning of her career almost 10 years ago and about her hard work and persistence on achieving her goals, which both have helped her make her child dream come true.

Furthermore, she refered to her parents, how proud and hard-working they are, always supporting her in every step, including her future family plans.

What is Foureira preparing?

When asked about her upcoming performance on the stage in Lisbon and if she felt safe with her team, Eleni Foureira said:

The only sure thing is that I’ll be dancing. I’ll be dancing a lot! I’m thinking of my 3 minutes on the stage all day long!

I feel safe with my team! We are now waiting for Sacha Jean-Baptiste, the choreographer to arrive from Sweden. I will also go to Sweden to rehearse. I trust them all, they have been to Eurovision several times and know how to work on it. However, I still feel nervous because I am a perfectionist in what I do!

In the sequel, Tasos Tryfonos went on to ask Eleni whether she believes that the recent poor Eurovision results of Cyprus could affect her eventual placing. She responded that she’s definitely not afraid of this and the most important thing for her is for her participation to remain unforgettable and for Fuego to become a smash hit, so as to improve the prestige of the country abroad.

Following to the journalist’s questions, Eleni talked about the attack and racism that she has faced recently by people commenting that since she’s from Albania, she should go with her own country to Eurovision:

It’s a shame to hear such words from young people. We are all human, music has to unite us, not divide us!

Can we expect 12 points from Albania, Eleni?”, Tasos asked:

I believe that if Albanians like the song, they will vote for it and we’ll get the douze points!

Towards the end of her interview, Eleni Foureira once again thanked the Cypriot people for the love she has received and for being close to her in this effort.

Here you can witness again her official video clip for her Eurovision entry Fuego:

Cyprus will perform in the 2nd half of the first semi-final on 8 May. The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is going to take place on 8, 10 and 12 May at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal.