Greece: Helena Paparizou talks about everything on a radio interview

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She is definitely one of the most recognizable and beloved people in the Eurovision world, and not only. Helena Paparizou, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, gave a special radio interview where she showed her cards regarding a number of different issues, including Eurovision of course!

Interviewed by the journalists Lampros Konstantaras and Elena Konsta at Rythmos 89,3 radio station, Helena Paparizou spoke about both Greek and Cypriot 2018 entrants, Yianna Terzi and Eleni Foureira respectively, as well as the possibility of her own return to the Eurovision stage.

Helena at Eurovision 2005

“Good luck to the girls!”

When asked about this year’s participations, she answered:

I know Yianna Terzi will represent Greece with the song “Oniro mou”. I’ve known her for many years, I have perfectly collaborated with her father twice and I consider the whole family to be among the best friends I have in the pentagram. I really like her song, because it has some Balkan and more Greek elements.

I also know about Eleni Foureira that she will represent Cyprus with an amazing song written by Alex Papaconstantinou, Fuego.

The successful singer didn’t skip to send her warmest wishes to the two ladies and their countries, and referred extensively to the effort made by a singer and a group at Eurovision.

I hope the two countries will do very well, let’s not forget we are all Greeks! Maybe not everyone loves the songs, however we should not start saying vices. I know that every artist who goes does not go either to degrade the country or himself/herself. He goes and gives his/her best and believes in the song. At least we have to respect the effort.

Good luck to our two girls because they are amazing and different. Wishing them to have a great time. They are not comparable, an artist must never be compared to another.

Will we see her again at Eurovision?

For many years now, the dream of lots of her fans is to see her again in the Eurovision battle. However, what does she have to say about it?

Helena Paparizou refered to her 2014 Eurovision attempt, when she took part in Melodifestivalen and finished 4th, with the song Survivor. Among other things, she admitted that she didn’t accept ant suggestion from the national Greek broadcaster ERT for this year’s Greek representation and subsequently laughed at the host’s words about a potential proposal in 2019!

When it comes to if she would be positive or not, as she had tried 4 years ago, she answered:

In 2014 I had tried and came 4th out of 32 acts. Look, with the proper song and according to my schedule… If I was selected, I would have to make sure that I like the song and it is okay with the program; something like this can not be done at the last minute!

Furthermore, she refuted the view of many people on why someone to go again?, with the following facts:

Alexander Rybak, who had triumphed, is coming back this year. He does well! And in Sweden, the 1999 winner (Charlotte Perrelli) has tried almost 10 more times! And Loreen also, last year, had tried and did not win. Could I make a question? If I champion wins or loses this year, won’t he make another attempt next year?

So, what’s your opinion on her enigmatic statements? Could they be precursors for a Eurovision comeback? Let’s wait and see!

Here you may enjoy Helena’s video clip for the single Etsi ki etsi, from her latest personal album Ouranio toxo, released in December:

Would you want her to take again the Eurovision stage?