Watch now: San Marino is ready for the final of 1in360!

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Buonasera San Marino! The tiny landlocked republic is one of the last countries having joined the Eurovision Song Contest, having debuted exactly 10 years ago. After years of internal selections, and especially after year of Valentina Monetta, San Marino discovers a new selection process: the national final. Tonight 1in360 will decide the Sanmarinese representative to Lisbon!

It has been a pleasant surprise indeed. San Marino decided to join the countries organising a national selection. After two semi finals, the 11 finalists have recently been announced by SMRTV, the Sanmarinese national broadcaster. A studio version of each entry has been published.

The 11 finalists

The 11 released songs are (the country of origin of each participating artist is in brackets):

The voting system

The voting system is quite particular: you can become shareholder of the competing acts! Discover more here.

An online voting platform of the record label GlobalRockstar Music, which is responsible for the show’s production is already open and you may cast your votes here until the day of the final, on 3 March, as you can listen to all 11 entries.

In this final, the televote will be determined by the above procedure, whilst the overall outcome will arise from a combined jury and public vote. The Head of Delegation for San Marino Alessandro Capicchioni will join the jury, whilst Zoe Straub and her father Christof (owner of Global Rockstar Music) will not be part of it.

How to watch

The final of San Marino’s national selection will air from 21:00 CET via the following channels:

The winner of 1in360 will receive the honour to represent San Marino in the first half of the second semi final on 10 May 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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