San Marino: SMRTV kicks off voting system for 1in360

by Stratos Agadellis 1,151 views

One of the most innovative voting methods in a national selection show has now started! As the talent show 1in360 is slowly coming to an end with its Grand Final on 3 March, the Sanmarinese national broadcaster SMRTV is inviting us to become shareholders of our favourite competing song!

How much would you invest in your favourite song?

According to the statements of the show’s CEO, Mathias Strasser, investing in a song itself is the most proper way to find out how attractive it is to the public and how the fans believe in it. Here are his words:

There’s nothing more significant, to measure real belief in an artist and his song than by measuring how many people, and to what extent, are willing to take a financial investment in that track.

The online voting platform of the record label GlobalRockstar Music, which is responsible for the show’s production is already open and you may cast your votes here until the day of the final, on 3 March, as you can listen to all 11 entries.

Every individual interested in being involved in the procedure can fund a song with at least 2 Euros, which entitles the investor to receive 0.0125% of future net profits of each track. Regardless of that is the winning entry of 1in360 competition or not, all investors are going to earn money from the streams and downloads of the respective song.

From tomorrow, 24 February, all 11 acts will also be giving their audience the opportunity to get to know at what stage is their music production, on the way to next Saturday’s final, which will crown the Sanmarinese entrant at Lisbon’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The final voting process

In this final, the vote of the public will result from the above procedure, whilst the overall outcome will arise from a combined jury and public vote. The Head of Delegation for San Marino Alessandro Capicchioni will join the jury, whilst Zoe Straub and her father Christof (owner of Global Rockstar Music) will not be part of it.

As with Eurovision, two sets of 1 to 12 points will be awarded from each voting factor. The public’s 12 points will be given to the entry rated with the biggest sum of money. Should two songs collect the same amount, they will be awarded the same amount of points too, whilst the least favourite acts will get reduced total of points. For example, if two candidates receive 12 points, the next best candidate will receive 8 points.

In the event of a eventual tie, the expert will have the final say.

Which competing song is your favourite? Would you invest in it?