Andorra: No plans for a 2011 participation

by Victor Hondal 211 views

The first country to announce its intentions towards the 2011 running of the Eurovision Song Contest is Andorra. The country is very likely to miss yet another edition of the event, just like this year, according to the executive director of the Andorran broadcaster, Francesc Ruano, owing to financial difficulties.

Although it is very early for any country to reveal their plans for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Germany, Andorra has already indicated that most likely they are not attending the event next year. The executive director of RTVA, Francesc Ruano, rules out an Andorran participation for the moment:

"The economic situation in general is not a secret and not something that is fixed in two or three months, it requires an evolutionAt the moment we are beginning to work on the outlines of the budget for next year, but the work is in its initial stage". However, he warned, "I do not know if the budget situation will allow to reconsider the possibility of going to Eurovision". And he added that it will be assessed whether the competition is a priority.

According to Ruano, although fundamental economic reasons have weighed in the decision, also interest and support influence. If it becomes more intense, he admitted, "Andorra would most likely come back, so instead of investing in disappointment, we would invest in a dream". But he made it clear that "if there is not popular support, it will be much more difficult".

Thanks to Valentí Parrilla.