World Cup essence in Eurovision

by Michalis Vranis 159 views

The French hymn of the national football team on the Eurovision stage, the Hardchorus Song Contest and the last incident with Jimmy Jump interrupting the Spanish participants while performing on stage, are clear facts that most of the World Cup involved, are paying a look at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Few days ago, Jimmy Jump declared that he would pay a visit to Oslo and "shall try to sing a little song". And he finally made it. This is the second time happenning to the Eurovision Song Contest stage back in 1964, and the lucky country that was to be interrupted was Spain, again. However, due to a mistake, the incident occured right before the Belgian entry. Jimmy Jump is a well known sports activist, while he overcomes all the security systems of a sport event, such as the final of Euro 2004 football cup.

This year, he expanded his "career" by causing a scene on the Eurovision stage, while the Spanish representative Daniel Diges was performing Algo pequeñito.

Meanwhile, the Hardchorus Song Contest, organized by Puma, has only four official participants, but day by day even more participations appear. The most recognised one was by Ukraine while Ani Lorak took part in this project, and the supporters of the Ukrainian national football team, were singing Shady Lady.

Above all, the French broadcaster decided this year to send Jessy Matador to perform Allez! Ola! Olé, the official hymn of the French national football team for the Worldcup event, taking place in South Africa this June. Considering that the Eurovision is a cultural event that takes place every May and in most cased it is characterized by not very flattering comments, the fact that the musical contest attracted the eyes of those directly involved with sports competition, is a proof that Eurovision is "a mean of promoting various considerations", in this case the World Cup.

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 took place in Oslo, and Germany was the winner with the song Satellite performed by Lena Meyer-Landrut.